Our Copyright notice

Elijah Ministry is aiming at teaching church of Jesus to stand on the right foundation, Jesus, and fulfill the right mission, spiritual warfare! In fulfilling this goal, The teaching in the site, authored by Elijah Ministry, Can be freely printed and distributed for Ministry purposes and Group study after notifying Elijah Ministry to get permission for the purpose. Elijah Ministry holds right to stop any use of our works when it is misused.

It is unlawful to copy and publish our teachings in another website or weblog without permission from the Ministry. Quotes are allowed, provided the Author (Elijah Ministry) is cited. Questions are allowed and will be answered as soon as God gives us grace. We welcome you and encourage you to be serious with God and make intimate relation with Him. He is very loving father, with open hands waiting for you!

Our good God bless you!

Elijah Ministries,


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